I Tried to Find the Best Light Coverage Foundation, And Here's What I found

I am of the belief that the amount of coverage that a woman wears on her face can be an incredible insight to the woman herself. The majority of my twenties have been spent oscillating between which side of this invisible and existential line I wanted to be on. There were inspiring women on both sides of the makeup spectrum that left me internally conflicted. Embracing a natural approach to beauty was not only more time-efficient and easy on my bank account, but it felt empowering somehow. Then one trip to Dubai, the land of ultimate glamour, and I was left feeling exposed. I had missed the beauty memo. 

After conquering the ubiquitous late-twenties acne however, I decided it was time to embrace, even flaunt, minimal coverage. I was astounded at how few brands truly offered such a thing—‘sheer coverage’ seemed to embody something entirely different to beauty brands than what I had conjured up in my own mind. The majority of the products with this aforementioned designation were thick, goopy, and never left me without the feeling I was wearing something that resembled a mask more than a thin layer of makeup. Even the ones with water-like consistencies had heavy pigmentation and clung to the skin. To be fair, my prerequisites weren’t exactly minimal—SPF 30 or higher, oil-free and no alcohol. And bonus points if it was a moisturiser as well to eliminate one added step in my morning routine. Thus, I began my quest to find a product that truly showed my skin, bar the minor discolouration and uneven skin tone I was keen to hide. 

After trying what felt like every BB cream, CC cream, foundation, skin tint, tinted moisturiser and cushion foundation in the galaxy, I walked away with a list of solid contenders for the ladies out there that may be so inclined to lighten up their coverage.  In the process, I came across my new Holy Grail coverage, dethroning my Smashbox BB Cream which I had been using for several years. The most satisfying part was that it not only checks all my boxes, but falls into the category of cosmeceuticals—cosmetics with medicinal properties. Essentially, I get anti-ageing benefits while wearing makeup. What could be better than that?

Giorgio Armani ‘Maestro’ Fusion Foundation

A more recent addition to the Giorgio Armani family, like most others at least semi-versed in beauty talk, I know that he holds the gold standard of foundations thanks to his iconic Luminous Silk Foundation, so my expectations for this product was high. Though it does have alcohol in its ingredients, its texture is truly exquisite. A silk-like consistency that easily blends, has 13 shades and an SPF 15 made it one of my favourite finds. Particularly as I am often between shades in other brands, the colour spectrum was a welcome change.

Glossier Skin Tint

Fulfilling a niche in the market, Glossier’s Skin Tint is exactly what it says it is. While having minimal coverage, it provides the most subtle shading to your skin. Essentially, it enhances the goods you’re working with. For the women out there with naturally beautiful skin who want the ever-so-slight colour with an added dewy benefit, this is your dream product—particularly if you have naturally dry skin. Though it only comes in 5 colours, it easily blends and adapts to your natural complexion. Did I also mention that it won’t break the bank?

Diorskin Nude Air Serum

Developed with the trademarked technology, Oxygen Activ, cranberry oil, vitamins, and minerals, the serum has a refreshingly light and smooth finish. A few drops provides substantial coverage and fades any blemishes, hyper-pigmentation, or other skin concern without overdoing it. I’ve long been an advocate for Dior’s makeup products, and with an SPF 25, it makes it an ideal candidate for many.

Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation Serum

It takes a lot for me to trust a new product with my skin. It’s temperamental and doesn’t take well to most products. This one however was nothing short of a game-changer. With neuropeptides that reduces the appearances of pores or fine lines, a non-chemical SPF 30, and a semi-matte yet dewy finish, it leaves your skin flawless. It’s easy to apply due to it’s lightweight consistency, and stays all day.